Why Have Things Changed?

At Tailor Brands, we are dedicated to improving our product all the time, to give you the best branding features to better your business! We decided to completely revamp our social capabilities, and now, not only can you automatically post to more than just Facebook (Twitter is now included), you can post different types of content, such as inspirational quotes, articles and templates which you can edit if you please.This ensures that you don’t just post regularly on social media, but post a wide range of items, which allows you to boost your audience quickly, yet effectively! We offer a complete social management solution.

Note that all of your logo files and other assets (like the Business Card Design Tool or the Social Banner Maker) are all still there too! We just moved all these items to our brand spanking new “Tailor Logo” site. Don’t fret! -- you’ll still be able to download everything just the same and use all of the features you were enjoying before. :)

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